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CPA Business Advisors chooses TerraCom Direct to streamline their data operations and enhance security of its client’s vital assets.

“TerraCom Direct provides us with safe and secure cloud servers for our office and the offices of our clients. Built with our specific needs and our clients’ needs in mind - it was built for the way we work. We were not forced into a one size fits all tech solution.”

“The broad scope of TerraCom Direct’s technical experience and familiarity with the needs of small businesses is unmatched. The planning and resources that went into building their facility and services allowed us to obtain the same technology and redundancies of big business without the big business price.”

“In addition to the collective knowledge and wisdom the TerraCom team brings… they care… they truly care and have gone above and beyond to make sure our team and our clients have everything we need to take care of our business and reduce our risk profile.”

Rhonda Reed
CPA Business Advisors

About CPA Business Advisors

CPA Business Advisors is one of the leading financial firms on the Space Coast. By combining our expertise, experience and the energy of our staff, each client receives close personal and professional attention. CPA Business Advisors is focused on the day to day aspects of your business and finances. When the day to day is right, all that follows will be right. For more information, visit www.cpabusinessadvisors.com.

Corporate Headquarters
8635 Holiday Springs Road
Melbourne, Fl 32940
+1 321-610-5900
+1 844-610-5900
Sales Office
2550 Wasser Terrace, Suite 6000
Herndon, VA 20171
+1 571-599-3650

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